About Us

Vintage Microphone

Live From The Living Room started off a couple of years ago as exactly that, just a guy putting on gigs for his musician friends in his living room, inviting all his music loving mates to join in the fun, and running the whole thing on a donation funded, non profit basis.

Gradually the gigs got a bit bigger, moving out of the living room and into local venues, starting with charity events, then progressing into full on shows and concerts.


All the while, the living room gigs continued. 

Word got around and soon touring musicians were getting in touch asking if they could play shows at the house, and asking if I knew of other venues in the area that could accommodate them. Local, and not so local, acts were asking me if I could find them gigs in the area, so Live From The Living Room, Events, Bookings, and Promotions was born.

Our aims are simple.

To be approachable and professional to everyone.

To pay acts fairly, including bonuses where possible.

To bring exceptional live music and events to the local area, at a reasonable cost to our patrons.

And to work as hard as possible to find the best deal for our clients.

We still put on the living room shows, just because we love doing them so much, and they are still run on the same non profit basis. Maybe we'll see you at one at some point, or maybe we'll be able to help you in some other way. Whatever the situation, we look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, working with you in the future.

Rob Talbot