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Hailing from the South West of England, Liam Howard’s early musically influences have seen him evolve into a musician with a unique and imaginative sound and songwriting style.

Weaving inspiration taken from John Lennon’s realist view of the world to John Bonham’s lazy drumming Liam prides himself on his internal rhythm and meticulous attention to detail when writing and recording music.

Born in the North Somerset town of Weston Super Mare in 1985, Liam also spent teenage years growing up in Dorset. From an early age, he was often found playing with his mothers vinyl records and secretly recording his friends parents albums when he visited them for tea.

Over the years his love of listening to music, grew until he was given a guitar for his eighth birthday. 
Having got upset at not instantly being able to play like his hero Neil Young, he persevered and practised until he got to a point where he had written his first song 'Waiting for You' – although his songwriting skills and lyrical content have progressed since then!

Attending local open mic gigs over the years cemented his love of playing and writing music and in 2014 Liam formed his first band Truthseekers whilst continuing to write and record solo material.

His first release (no longer available to download) ‘When Darkness Falls’ covered topics such as politics, the underworld and the sadness that follows a relationship breakdown. The vocals for the album were recorded using an iPhone and basic recording software.

Being able to record this first batch of songs enabled Liam to refresh his creative brain and set himself a goal by the age of 30, to have an album he could be proud of printed onto CD. 2015’s 'Frequently Recently' was born from this, with a more poppy sound than its predecessor, Frequently Recently remains one of the defining moments of Liam's early recording career calumniating on BBC Radio giving airtime to ‘Times Ticking’ after it was released.

2015 brought the album Perfect Mess, which was recorded before Frequently Recently and later released.

2016 'Beyond You' the current release shows Liam's persistence to find new creative ways while still keeping the sound he had developed on earlier albums.

More recently, Liam was invited to join the duo Shoto-Daito to add his vocal style and lyrics to an electronic quagmire of trip-hop, synth soundscapes and driving bass lines.

Its hard to place Liam's sound and songs – sometimes they hark back to an era when the blues was king, sometimes they sound literally out of this world, from another planet. He has a unique ability to fuse several genres and influences, almost akin to Bowie and Young. Whilst always paying homage to some of the greats that came before.

Liam is currently working on his fourth solo album 'Out of the Blue' which is due late 2018/early 2019.

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