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Paul Henshaw is a RIOT FOLK singer songwriter living on the North Wales coast who spends his life thumping lumps out of his guitar and singing about life, hangovers and anything else he's passionate about


Paul and his band (THE SCIENTIFIC SIMPLETONS) have shared festival stages with the likes of THE LEVELLERS, THE FEELING, UB40, NEWTON FAULKNER, THE WATERBOYS and many others



FISHING FOR OWLS was released on May 5th 2017 and reached NUMBER 1 in The Amazon Album download charts and the singles "STONES" and "FAY'S SONG" Reached #1 and #3 respectively





What people are saying






Fishing for Owls is 10 songs of PURE GOLD. It's positively indulgent. Delicious, dark, sardonic, witty lyrics, there just isn't another band around that sounds like them



I've battered myself with the album. I Love it. Most albums are "This is my music I hope you like it" Not this one. It's more a totally unapologetic "This is the music of Paul Henshaw. Come enjoy the ride with me". Why move forward in a rut when you can plough your own field



Paul can take you from joyful irreverence and egoless self-depreciation to the most poignant and moving tributes within a track or two. Smiling and laughing one minute, you'll be moved to tears the next. Lyrically thought provoking and musically diverse - a folk punk odyssey just begging to be absorbed



So the CD review is done and what a classy encounter it has been.  The crew apply themselves with thought and care and pour out many acoustic aromas to get your curious hooter around.  From a punk point of view this may be too mild, too clean cut and too gentle for some - personally it only proves there are some right silly people about with no sense of variation and, may I add, taste!


Cult of SuperTed

I saw this amazing band at a festival in Devon, Paul Henshaw and The Scientific Simpletons, at the end of the set the lead singer called me over from the crowd and said with a huge smile " hey buddy would you like the set list?" You made me feel a part of something, can't ask for more than that! If you are going to be in a band, this is how you do it!


Salford City Radio

One thing is for sure though, whether an aspiring songwriter or a frustrated musician, 'FISHING FOR OWLS' is the one anthem of self-belief that everyone needs to hear.

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