Chris (Vocals and Guitar) and Kev (Banjo, Melodica, Vocals) first played together in rowdy ska-punkateers Bucket where they shared their love of cider, road movies and celebrity baiting. After a few years it was felt that perhaps they were ‘too old’ for punk and they turned their attention to the next logical musical step for white trash: country. Kev picked up a banjo and having long been fans of Johnny Cash, they began playing some of his songs along with other country and bluegrass numbers before beginning to work on their own compositions. They named the band after a variation on the snakebite drink (instead of cider and beer, three different ciders together). 

As the sound developed they realized that something was missing, a fellow cider drinking troubadour who could complete the sound. That was Ben who joined on Cello, simultaneously filling the roles of bassist and fiddle with a unique twist.

To call it bluegrass may offend the purists, but if you’ve never heard Duellin’ Banjos played on banjo, guitar, cello, harmonica, ukulele, xylophone, kazoo and stylophone, and you want to, then maybe they can help.

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